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Cookieless Website Tracking

Cookies have become a problematic topic in the past years due to their classification as Personally Identifiable Datapoint in the European GDPR regulation.

The issues were fuelled even further after Apple has introduced their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) features which resulted in the deletion of every third-party and as of the last version even first-party cookies under many circumstances.

We have developed this App to counter the measurement issues which arose due to these changes by synchronising User Data between Shopify and Google Analytics anonymously. This results in better data quality and decrased data loss, eliminating the tracking differences between Shopify and Google Analytics along the way.

Our App uses different measurement techniques to improve overall tracking data quality while integrating fully into Shopify’s Privacy and Compliance environment and maintaining users privacy by linking users through the harmonisation of the systems instead of using Google’s own identification, resulting in increased privacy for end users while increasing data quality.


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